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Dextopia is Dexter's future utopia created during his adulthood with the aid of his greatest invention, the Neurotomic Protocore. After the world was freed from Overlord Mandark's evil reign, Dexter rebuilt civilization and shared his knowledge of technology with all the people in the world thanks to his Transference Receptors, which gave everyone not only knowledge but wisdom, as well as the ability to teletronically manifest the things they need for their daily lives, ensuring peace and harmony for all. Old Man Dexter acts as the ruler of this kingdom, although it appears that he shares more wisdom than knowledge as he has become quite senile in his elderly age.


  • Dexter Museum: A museum built by the people of Dextopia as a homage to their leader Dexter which displays his greatest inventions as well as styrofoam replicas of his greatest inventions.
  • The Centralized Neurotomic Information and Power Distribution Pylon: The very heart and center of Dextopia, a giant tower where the Neurotomic Protocore is housed and where all energy is distributed to the land as well as information from Dexter's mind to the people that inhabit Dextopia. It is also the home of Old Man Dexter and his sister Old Gal Dee Dee.