Dexter's Laboratory Wiki

  • (On the title card, Dexter is seen running from a dodgeball as the opening credits roll. Just as the final piece plays, the dodgeball hits Dexter, stopping him in place as he looks shocked)
  • (It is nighttime at the Dexter family's house; suddenly, the sky turns blue as the sun appears; the word "MONDAY", written in transparent green text, appears at the bottom of the screen accompanied with computer beeps)
  • (Zoom into Dexter's room, then to the closet, and then to an analog alarm clock that reads "6:59." At 7:00, the laboratory lights turn on and Dee Dee is seen painting on one of the machines; she looks at the camera and runs out)
  • (Cut to a computer with "WAKE-UP SEQUENCE ACTIVATED" written on the monitor; in Dexter's room, he is pulled into his lab by a giant silver tube. Inside the lab, Dexter is standing on his conveyor belt, a compressor takes off his clothes, he washes his hair in the shower, and is clothed by another compressor; at the end of the belt, Dexter eyes his paper that reads "GYM EXCUSE." At Huber Elementary; Dexter walks down to the desk at the end of the hallway; several boys are seen getting dressed for physical education; a boy whips his friend with a towel)
    • Bully: Well, well, well. Look at Dorkster with his stupid excuse.
  • (Dexter places his excuse on the counter. A giant shadow looms over the piece of paper and the man grabs it with his giant hand and pulls it toward him)
  • Dexter: If you need me, I will be in the science lab.
  • Coach: What's this crap?
  • (Dexter suddenly stops moving and looks at his coach, who appears to be an old, rotund man with white hair and a large nose)
  • Dexter: Who are you?
  • Coach: I'm your substitute coach.
  • Dexter: (stammering) But-but-but-but-but...
  • Coach: QUIET!!!
  • (The coach gives Dexter a suspicious look)
  • Dexter: But, my excuse!
  • (The coach rips Dexter's excuse in half as Dexter watches to his dismay)
  • Coach: What excuse? Now, suit up!
  • (He grabs the whistle from around his neck and blows it in Dexter's face, pushing him away; Dexter is then seen standing around a group of boys as they all wear goldenrod t-shirts with green shorts; cut to the coach's face, zoom into his mouth)
  • Coach: Dooooooooooooodge... ballllllllllll!
  • (A game of dodgeball commences; several boys are seen getting hit by the dodgeballs as they fly in the air; one of the boys grabs onto Dexter)
  • Boy: Dexter, help me! Please help me!
  • (A dodgeball hits him; the boy loses his grip on Dexter and slides off)
  • Boy: I... I'm hit! Good bye, Dexter...
  • (The camera cuts to a view of all the boys eliminated from the game; Dexter looks at the sky in disdain)
  • Bully: Hey, Dorkster! Where's your excuse now? Huh? Let's get him, boys!
  • (The bullies all throw dodgeballs at Dexter; He is hit by one and, in slow motion, is knocked over to the ground; his glasses come off and land in front of him; Dexter reaches to pick them up, but they are smashed by a dodgeball)
  • (Cut to the next day; The word "TUESDAY" is written on the bottom of the screen; Dexter is seen sitting on the bench nervously. The bully and his two friends walk by.)
  • Bully: See you out on the playground, Dorkster.
  • (Cut to the bullies standing outside)
  • Bully: Hey, guys! Watch this!
  • (The bully gives the dodgeball a hard throw to the ground; it bounces up into the sky; cut to the boys, everyone but Dexter leaves, who then starts running around the shadow screaming helplessly; the ball then bounces on his head)
  • (Cut to a close-up of the coach's face; the word "WEDNESDAY" appears)
  • Coach: *in a slower tone* Dooooooooooooodge... ballllllllllll!
  • (Cut to Dexter running from a dodgeball with the word "BOIT" written on it; the camera then cuts to the dodgeball, which rolls toward the screen, and then rolls off Dexter with the word imprinted onto his head; he slides down)
  • (Cut to the next day; Dexter is seen running across the campus with three dodgeballs intercepting him; The word "THURSDAY" is written on the bottom; the dodgeballs chase Dexter out of the locker room; they follow him around another corner; cut to a girl standing in front of her locker; Dexter races past her and heads into the library, the dodgeballs follow after, leaving a gust of wind behind; in the library, Dexter is reading "The Book of Physics"; the dodgeballs appear behind him and fly to the other side; he looks up, puts the book down, and runs; at a window, Dexter realizes he's trapped, and he jumps out)
  • (Cut to the next day; the word "FRIDAY" appears; Dexter is looking at the boys; the ball hits his groin and he immediately starts filling his eyes with teardrops; he lays on the ground with the boys laughing to his humiliation; a thunderstorm appears over him; the lightning flashes twice, and then it cuts to Dexter sleeping in his bed, with the same position as earlier; after several flashes, it cuts to Dexter sleeping in a fiery place with three devil-like figures laughing at him; their laughing is cut short as a beam of light pierces through their skin; Dexter looks up to see an angelic light with a figure of a robotic exoskeleton coming out from the clouds; he wakes up from the dream)
  • Dexter: That's it.
  • (Cut to another day at Huber Elementary; the word "MONDAY" is written; cut to the playground)
  • Bully: Hey, where's Dorkster?
  • Bully 2: We must've scared him off good.
  • Bully 3: Yeah, huh-huh.
  • Dexter: You lookin' for me?
  • (The bullies look at Dexter, dodgeballs ready)
  • Bullies: Let's get him!
  • (The bullies throw the dodgeballs at Dexter; the first two fly past him, and the third one barely touches his hair)
  • Dexter: Now, it's my turn.
  • (He jumps into the air and presses two small buttons on his belt buckle; two robotic arms and legs come out of the backpack and Dexter grabs onto both the arms)
  • Dexter: Who wants some?
  • (The bullies all start screaming and run; Dexter fires a dodgeball at the first bully; the first bully is running away screaming, a dodgeball hits him in the back three times, and he flips over to the ground; Dexter chases the second bully and dribbles him like a basketball; he then makes a slam dunk with the bully; the third bully runs over to a jungle gym)
  • (Dexter fires streams of dodgeballs from the palms of the exoskeleton; the dodgeballs all bounce off the jungle gym)
  • Bully 3: Yah-ha!
  • (He blows a raspberry at Dexter; Dexter converts his exoskeleton's left arm into a gun and fires a dodgeball at the jungle gym; the dodgeball explodes and blows the bully away; Dexter then starts screaming and fires dodgeballs everywhere; he steps on the ground and pulls his exoskeleton's arms down in exhaustion; a dodgeball flies toward him and hits his head)
  • Dee Dee: You're out!
  • (In shock, both Dexter and the exoskeleton fall over)