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"Dexter Dodgeball"
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"Dexter Dodgeball"
"Dial M for Monkey: Rasslor" Dial M for Monkey: Rasslor
Dexter Dodgeball
Season 1, Episode 2a
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Dexter Dodgeball
Air date May 4, 1996 (TNT; sneak preview)
May 5, 1996 (TBS and Cartoon Network)
Production number 103a
Storyboard by Ricky Nierva
Todd Fredericksen (Background Design),
Martin Ansolabehere (Background Color Stylist)
Directed by Craig McCracken
Genndy Tartakovsky

Dexter Dodgeball is the first segment of the second episode in season one of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on TNT on May 4, 1996, and on both TBS and Cartoon Network a day later.

In this episode, Dexter goes face-to-face with three bullies in a game of dodgeball. After being targeted multiple times, Dexter builds an exoskeleton to get even with them.


On Monday morning, Dexter prepares for school and arrives just in time for gym class with his doctor's excuse. The substitute gym teacher finds Dexter's excuse to be fake and forces the boy genius to participate in gym class. Dexter watches in terror as several boys are pelted with dodgeball. When he's the only one left, the dodgeball bullies hit him and break his glasses.

On Tuesday, Dexter runs in circles around a dodgeball that one of the bullies bounce off the ground and into the sky. It lands on his head, freezing him in place.

On Wednesday, Dexter runs from a dodgeball with the word "Boit" written on it rolling toward him, but he falls, causing it to leave a mark on his head.

On Thursday, Dexter spends the entire day running around the school campus from the dodgeballs chasing him. In the school library, he hides from the dodgeballs by looking inside reference books. Dexter then uses this as an opportunity to escape, and the dodgeballs trap him in front of a window. With nowhere to run, Dexter jumps out the window with the dodgeballs giving chase.

On Friday, one of the bullies hits Dexter in his groin with a dodgeball. In a lot of pain, Dexter's eyes well up with tears and he falls over. The boys laugh at his humiliation. Later that night, Dexter has a dream where three devil-like shadows laugh at him, only to be vanquished by some rays of light. Dexter looks up to see his robotic exoskeleton and gets an idea.

Next Monday, Dexter arrives on the playground with his invention and activates it in front of the bullies, causing them to run in terror. After taking the bullies down, Dexter sighs in exhaustion. Dee Dee throws a ball at his brother, and both Dexter and the exoskeleton fall over.







Episode Connections[]

Production Notes[]

  • This episode was rated #1 in the US by a marathon that announced #1 episodes in countries around the world, as voted on Cartoon Network's website.
  • This episode was aired out of order because Dexter has his first day of school in the previous episode "Dexter's Rival".
  • The substitute gym teacher's reaction to Dexter's excuse note is "What's this crap?" Edited versions of this episode have him saying "What's this?" however, the episode airs intact on Boomerang as well as the DVD. This is the only time a swear word was used in the series. (Excluding the banned episode "Rude Removal")