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Dexter's Laboratory IDW 2

Dexter's Laboratory Issue #2 is the second issue of IDW Comics' Dexter's Laboratory comic book series. Unlike DC Comics' Dexter's Laboratory comics, the IDW comics consists of only four issues (not counting the unrelated crossovers that followed) and each issue is not a stand-alone story, instead they are part of an overarching storyline involving Dexter's attempts to bring back his sister Dee Dee.


Once Dexter dreams of a world without Dee Dee, his wish becomes a reality, but as time passes he realizes that he is nothing without her and decides to get her back. Luckily, he seemed to have planned for such a contingency and had programmed his device to instead send her to another reality. He then begins searching through the dimensional void on his computer, seeing a world where Mandark is mayor, a world where his parents are super fighting robots and even the world of Samurai Jack which he hopes to visit later since he finds it very cool. Eventually he finally tracks down Dee Dee's energy signature.

Upon tracking down her location and traveling there, Dexter finds himself transported to a girly fantasy world filled with all the things Dee Dee would love. He eventually comes across an enchanted castle and is taken prisoner by a group of ballet dancers who take him to their queen, who is none other than Dee Dee.



  • This is one of several times Samurai Jack has been referenced in Dexter's Laboratory media. He would even have a crossover with Dexter in future IDW issues.