Dexter's Laboratory Wiki

Dexter's Laser Lab is a Shockwave game based on Dexter's Laboratory that was playable on the official Cartoon Network website.

In this game, Dee Dee celebrates her birthday by having a party in Dexter's laboratory, leaving behind many balloons in her wake. Dexter, using his invention called the TidyTron 4000, a high-powered infrared laser, works to get rid of the balloons in his laboratory.



In-game screenshot of the second level.

Using the mouse, the player must click on either Dexter or the mirrors then click on the square to move him or the mirrors around. They can also click on the TidyTron 4000 itself to adjust its trajectory. Once everything is set up, the player must then press the Space Bar to fire a laser from the TidyTron 4000, which will use up one of the five batteries.

The objective of the game is to pop every balloon in all 20 levels within five batteries. There are plants and extra batteries that both reward 25 points if the player hits them with the laser.

While doing so, the player must be careful not to do any of the following:

  • Hit Dexter with the laser.
  • Run out of batteries.
  • Bounce the laser back into the TidyTron 4000.

The "Game Over" screen that appears after the player runs out of their lives.

If any of these are done, the player will lose a life. When all three lives are lost, the game is over.


  • If the player makes Dexter get hit by the laser during the tutorial level, it can then be played as normal. Upon beating it, the player will then be sent to the congratulations screen.