Dexter's Laboratory Wiki

Dexter's Labyrinth is a Shockwave game that was formerly available on the Cartoon Network website. Sometime later, it was delisted as a free game and added to Cartoon Network's Power Play Games program when it launched in 2003.

It was later removed from the site, and instead added to the Cartoon Network Power Play Games program, when it launched in 2003. The Power Play version included some new features such as: 50 new levels (80 total), a password system, new enemies, the ability to play offline and in fullscreen, and a high score system.


Dee Dee has infected Dexter's Computer with the "I Love Ponies" virus, forcing Dexter to shrink himself and go inside Computer to get rid of it. The game plays similar to the 1984 puzzle game Boulder Dash, in which players must collect a required number of microchips in order to go to the next level.

Players start with two lives, and can get extra lives by picking up 20 Bytes. They can lose lives if they either reset a level, get touched by an enemy, or get crushed. When all lives are gone, the game is over.

Items and Enemies[]


  • Microchip - Small computer chips that are required to unlock exits so Dexter can go to the next level.
  • Byte - A small pole with the numbers 1 and 0. 20 of these are required to get an extra life. The numbers can have three different colors, but it is purely cosmetic.
  • Power - Small atoms that add to the overall score. Anything, including Dexter, caught under this is turned into more atoms.
  • Floppy - Floppy disks that add to the overall score. Anything, including Dexter, caught under this is turned into more floppies.
  • Bolt - A giant screw that can crush both enemies and Dexter himself if he's not too careful. It cannot be picked up.


  • Virus - A small, bug-like creature that destroys Dexter the instant he touches it. It moves in a square-like pattern.
  • Nanorobot - Robots that always move in a straight line. They only change direction upon hitting a wall.
  • Blob - An enemy that multiplies, destroying anything in its path.
  • Meanie - Small androids that move towards Dexter.