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Hello there, and welcome to the Dexter's Laboratory Wiki! It is a fan-created encyclopadia of information covering all aspects of the American animated television series, Dexter's Laboratory. Here, we cover everything about the series ranging from characters, episode guides, objects and locations within the show's universe. Since this is a fan wiki, we welcome any fan to edit and share their knowledge about Dexter's Laboratory! Before doing so, please adhere to the wiki rules.

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Dexter is the main character and protagonist of Dexter's Laboratory. He is a boy genius who has a secret laboratory. His intelligence makes him the brains of the family and he is one of the world's greatest inventors, having created countless weird and amazing machines and experiments.

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The Quadraplex T-3000 Computer (also simply known as the Computer or Computress) is Dexter's computer that oversees the running of the lab and has a personality of its own.

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The never released lost episode of Dexter's Laboratory "Dexter's Rude Removal"!
(Warning: Video contains questionable content)

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Omelette du Fromage!

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