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Dexter's Laboratory.

Dexter's Laboratory is the eponymous scientific facility of the series. In this laboratory, Dexter does his work on all of his inventions which he keeps a secret from his family except for Dee-Dee who is always messing around in there.


Dexter's Laboratory is blue and has a lot of buttons and gears and radars and scales and gizmos and gadgets on the walls of it. The floors are tiled. It is an underground lab that is behind his bookshelf.


There are several ways to enter Dexter's lab. The most notable entrances are the secret bookcase entrance and the secret rug entrance.

  • Bookcase Entrance
  • Rug Tube
  • Dexpole
  • Transporter Remote
  • Secret Refrigerator Back
  • 2-Dimensional Facial Filter
  • Molecular Disconfiguration Access Port
  • Sky Port
  • Carbon Exhaust Thermal Expectorator
  • Aquatic Waste Disposer
  • Postal Transfer Unit


  • The lab is clearly dimensional-transcendental, meaning its bigger on the inside. Numerous times, the lab has been destroyed, only for a small portion of the house to be gone. This suggests the lab exists in another dimension.
    • This makes it similar to the T.A.R.D.I.S. from Doctor Who.
    • Lab of the Lost implies once Dexter runs out of space, he creates more as he doesn't know the abandoned part of the lab well.

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