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Dexters Lab Runaway Robot

Title screen

Dexter's Laboratory: Runaway Robot is a flash game that was formerly available on the Cartoon Network website. It is based on the third and fourth seasons of Dexter's Laboratory.

In this game, one of Dexter's robots has escaped from his laboratory and has hidden itself somewhere around the house. He is tasked with finding the robot and its missing battery pack to get it up and running once more.


The game plays like a point-and-click adventure game. The player can interact with the furniture and other items in Dexter's house. Along the way, he'll find four pairs of glasses that can help him out.

  • Night-Vision Glasses - Allows Dexter to see in dark places.
  • Geiger Glasses - Required for Dexter to enter his laboratory. They also allow him to see in the dark.
  • Heat-Vision Glasses - Allows Dexter to detect heated surfaces and are required for him to leave his laboratory.
  • X-Ray Glasses - Allows Dexter to see through things.
  • Battery Pack - Needed for Dexter to recharge the runaway robot, which is always found under Dee Dee's bed in her bedroom.

When the player finds the runaway robot, with its location varying every time they play, they win the game.

The runaway robot can be found in any of the following locations:

  • In the pantry in the kitchen. (Requires the Night-Vision Glasses)
  • Behind the vanity table in Dee Dee's room.
  • Behind the grandfather clock in the living room.
  • Behind the drawers in Dexter's room.
  • Behind a server to the left of Computer in Dexter's laboratory.


The player begins in Dexter's house. They must go into either Dexter or Dee Dee's room to find a pair of Night-Vision Glasses so they can go inside the opposite room and turn on the light switch if it's too dark in there.

In Dexter or Dee Dee's room, the player must look in the four drawers or the vanity table drawer to find a pair of Geiger Glasses, then must return to Dexter's room and go inside his laboratory.

In there, Dexter is performing a teleportation experiment on an apple. To make it successful, they must pull on two knobs and levers to bring up the columns and bring down the glass containers. Using the red button located on Dexter's dashboard, the teleportation proceeds, but instead of the apple teleporting, the player gets a pair of X-Ray Glasses.

On the dashboard, the player must click on the atom to open the compartment and find a pair of Heat-Vision Glasses, and must put them on to exit the lab.

Outside, the player must put on the X-Ray Glasses, go into Dee Dee's room, click on the Battery Pack under her bed, and then go find the runaway robot.

When the player finds the robot, they must click on it to install the battery pack and get the robot up and running again.


  • When the player finds the Night-Vision Glasses, they can continue to look in dark places after they find the other pairs of glasses, meaning that the game can be beaten without having to turn on the lights in Dexter's room.
    • However, this is impossible to do in Dee Dee's room, as when the player puts on either the Heat-Sensor or X-Ray Glasses, they cannot see in the dark like they normally could with the Night-Vision and Geiger glasses.
  • If the player returns to Dexter's laboratory after obtaining the X-Ray Glasses, the apple will teleport from one place to the other as normal.