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Robot Rampage

Dexter's Laboratory: Robot Rampage is an action-adventure video game for the Game Boy Color. It was released on November 14, 2000 in the USA. 


As part of Mandark's ongoing quarrel with Dexter, he decides to reprogram Dexter's robots and destroy his lab in the process. Forced to save it, Dexter has to rush to the lab in an attempt to find the deprogramming codes and defeat the enemies along the way.


In the game, there are 16 levels with similar designs. Each of them puts the player in a tall building that is full of doors, elevators and escalators. All the doors come in three variants: basic (where Dexter can not go inside), box-marked (with weapons and health pick-ups), and lab door (contains a part of the code that is supposed to stop the robots). The player, as Dexter, runs through different levels via elevators, elevator shafts, small cars, ledges, and doors while battling robots with an assortment of weapons. Three different Dexter suits are available, though they have no effect on gameplay. Each stage ends with the player facing a line of enemies.


Jeff Gerstmann of GameSpot gave the game a 6.9/10 in his review, complimenting it for its use of classic Elevator Action gameplay. IGN editor Marc Nix gave the game a 7/10, praising the game's improvements to the original, such as the added puzzles and life bar, but criticizing the game's lackluster stage endings.