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Dexter's Laboratory: Chess Challenge is a board game-styled video game developed by Virtucraft and published by BAM! Entertainment for the Game Boy Advance. It is based on Dexter's Laboratory and the 1988 computer game Battle Chess. It was released in North America on October 29, 2002. It received mostly positive reviews, that the Battle Chess-inspired game had the humorous fashions.


Dexter's Laboratory: Chess Challenge features four chess sets (Dexter, Dee Dee, Mandark, and Major Glory) themed after Dexter's Laboratory characters in a game of chess. When a piece is captured, a cutscene follows depicting the piece being defeated. The game also has a puzzle mode that, when completed, unlocks the hardest game difficulty.

Chess Challenge also features a versus mode where players can share one Game Boy Advance back and forth, or link two Game Boy Advances together with two copies of the game.


The characters portray their chessmen as follows:

Team Dexter[]

Team Dee Dee[]

Team Mandark[]

Team Major Glory[]


A script battle is shown when one piece takes another.

Team Dexter Pawn (Normal Monkey)[]