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Dexter's Family (From Left to Right): Dad, Dee Dee, Dexter, and Mom.

Dexter's Family, which primarily consists of himself, his unnamed Mom, his unnamed Dad, and his sister Dee Dee. Dexter seems unhappy with his family at certain times, as he sometimes wishes that they were as smart as him, due to the fact that it is hard to have a conversation with his family without them staring blankly at him. However, his family is willing to do anything to protect or save him from danger. Dexter and Dee Dee are constantly fighting, but Dee Dee never reveals Dexter's secret lab on purpose. Dexter's Dad has tried to make Dexter play sports, but his plans never succeeded. Dexter seems to be slightly closer to his mother, often looking to her instead of his dad for advice.



Dexter's Family Tree.

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Theme Song[]

The Dexter’s Family has its own unique theme song titled "Go! Dexter Family! Go!" which has been used at least twice during the run of the series and is itself a parody of the many Power Rangers/Super Sentai action themes.


  • As Dexter's last name has never been revealed, the family's name is unknown, however the theme song refers to them as the "Dexter Family" rather than "Dexter's Family" and even Dad once refers to the family as the "Dexter Family" possibly indicating that Dexter may also be the family's last name or it may be done for comedic effect.