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Dexter's Evil Twin Brother
Dexters Evil Twin
Gender Male
Species Toy Robot
Occupation Children’s Toy
First Appearance Doll House Drama
Voiced By None

Dexter's Evil Twin Brother is a figment of Dexter's imagination that appeared in the episode "Dollhouse Drama". In actuality it is just one of Dexter's toys.


In actuality Dexter’s Evil Twin Brother is a toy robot, however to a delusional Dexter, he appears as a bluish metallic twin of Dexter with the same clothing. Unlike Dexter, he wears sunglasses and has a slicked back hairstyle.


Dee Dee depicts the character as an evil opposite of Dexter who is also in love with Darbie. He is described as a "dirtbag" who has been trying to ruin Dexter's life since their youth.


Dollhouse Drama[]

After Dexter shrank himself using his shrink ray, he began to believe he was Darbie's husband due to the mind-warping effects of the ray, and so Dee Dee decided to play along and introduce the evil twin and have Darbie cheat on Dexter with him. When Dexter came back home, he found Darbie in his brother's arms, much to his horror. Darbie then explains that she though the twin was actually Dexter. Dexter understands, knowing all too well how evil his brother is, and so finally battles it out with him and kills his "brother", ending his evil once and for all. Although, in reality, all Dexter did was go crazy and break his toy robot.


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