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“Dexter and Dee Dee are trading places...”
Tagline for Dexter's Big Switch
Dexter's Big Switch
Big Switch
Author Pam Pollack & Meg Belviso
Publication date October 1, 2003
Published by Scholastic
ISBN 0613721586
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The Incredible Shrinking Dexter
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Dexter's Big Switch is the sixth and final chapter book published by Scholastic based on Dexter's Laboratory that was published on October 1, 2003.


Dee Dee meddles with Dexter's Virtual Identity Teleporter, forcing the two siblings to switch bodies. However, things then take a turn for the worse where on that same night, Dee Dee's dance recital and Dexter's induction into the Young Geniuses of America Society take place. Dexter must try to find a way to reverse the effects before it's too late.


Dexter is in his laboratory working on his latest invention, the Virtual Identity Teleporter, which would allow him to swap personalities. He prepares to test the teleporter out, but is interrupted as Dee Dee enters his lab and picks up the rat, then notices the Virtual Identity Teleporter and pulls on the purple switch, activating it. Suddenly, Dexter and Dee Dee swap bodies. As Dee Dee, Dexter adjusts himself to walking in her body as Dee Dee, who is in Dexter's body, falls down onto the Identimogrifying Switch, snapping it off the machine.

Dexter tries to get to work on fixing the Virtual Identity Teleporter since he and Dee Dee both have events that same night, the former being inducted into the Young Geniuses of America and the latter playing her role as Flower Princess in her dance recital, but is cut off as Mom calls him and Dee Dee downstairs for breakfast. Dee Dee nearly blows her cover by discussing miniskirts, prompting Dexter to remind her that she's still in his body and vice versa.

At school that day, Dexter heads to Dee Dee's classroom to find her friends Mee Mee and Lee Lee reading an Eleventeen magazine and are interrupted as Mr. Plotzky, Dee Dee's biology teacher, enters the classroom. During class, a purple note lands on Dexter's desk and he is called to the front of the desk. Without thinking, Dexter surprises Mr. Plotzky by explaining about frogs and toads in further detail, making everyone in Dee Dee's class fall silent. During study break, Mee Mee mentions baton twirling, prompting Dexter to race out of Mr. Plotzky's classroom and into the hallway where he runs into Mandark.

While Dexter is trapped with Mandark, Dee Dee leaves and meets up with several admirers. Dexter slips out of one of his shoes and walks over to Dee Dee. She tells Dexter that she plans on giving a speech at the Young Geniuses of America banquet later that afternoon. For the rest of the day, Dexter does significantly well in Mr. Plotzky's classes.

When school ended, Dexter eagerly raced home to fix the Identimogrifying Switch, but is halted as Dee Dee reminds him that he has to go to the rehearsal for The Flower Princess. There, Dexter runs into Mandark's little sister Lalavava, who was playing the role of Honeybee. As it goes on, Dexter knocks away the Honeybees, leaving Lalavava as the only one.

When the rehearsal ended, Dexter raced to the auditorium where the Young Geniuses of America was having their ceremony. To his surprise, Dexter watches as Dee Dee skip onto the stage and stand in front of the microphone. While Dee Dee gave the speech, Dexter couldn't help but sink into his seat. Suddenly, Dee Dee took out a baton and lit it on fire, prompting Dexter to run onto the stage and drag Dee Dee with him.

In the lab, Dexter tries to pick up a wrench, but immediately drops it. He and Dee Dee start calling each other names then denting the Virtual Identity Teleporter. Mom then calls the both of them downstairs, carrying the broken Identimogrifying Switch with them. During the recital, Dexter improvises by adding high kicks. He races to fix the Identimogrifying Switch, but is shoved back on stage by the rest of the Honeybees. Dexter takes his Flytrap attachment out and runs over to the Virtual Identity Teleporter. As Dexter activates it, he proceeds to lecture Dee Dee, but she cuts him off as she yanks the Identimogrifying Switch, putting Dexter and Dee Dee back in their own bodies.

Following the recital, Mandark gives Dee Dee a bouquet of roses and is then chased offstage by Lalavava. As Dexter and Dee Dee get ready to go home with their parents, they notice Mom and Dad acting differently, to Dexter's horror.

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