Gender Female
Species Human
Family Grandpa (brother)
Dexter (grandnephew)
Dee Dee (grandniece)
Dad (son-in-law)
Mom (niece)
Fergle O'Reilly (nephew)
Unnamed daughter
First Appearance If Memory Serves
Voiced By Kath Soucie

Dextamina is Dexter's great aunt (the sister or sister-in-law of one of his great-grandmothers) who only appeared in the episode "If Memory Serves".


Not much is known about her, but she seems to be a very kindly old woman who was eager to see the newest member of her family.



Shortly after Dexter's birth, she paid a visit to the family to see him, however the infant Dexter was more than horrified by Dextamina's ghastly appearance and immediately began to cry.

If Memory Serves

After Mandark took Dexter's Memory Scanner/Viewer Machine, he hoped to find out Dexter's secret by seeing into his past, but instead he ends up reliving all of Dexter's infant/toddler memories, as well as the horrendous sight of Dextamina's face.


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