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"Dee Dee's Tail"
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"Dee Dee's Tail"
"No Power Trip" No Power Trip
Dee Dee's Tail
Season 2, Episode 22b
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Dee Dee's Tail 0008
Air date January 14, 1998
Production number 220b
Written by Kat Cressida
Mr. Lawrence
Storyboard by Kevin Kaliher
Directed by Rumen Petkov
Craig McCracken (Art Director)

Dee Dee's Tail is the second segment of the twenty-second episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on January 14, 1998.

In this episode, Dee Dee, after playing with Pony Puff Princess dolls with her friends, wishes that she were a pony herself. After Dee Dee gets transformed into a horse courtesy of Dexter, he and her friends take advantage of her until she learns to stand up for herself.


Dee Dee, Lee Lee and Mee Mee play with the Ponypuff dolls and it's Ponypuff Paradise, while Mee Mee and Lee Lee go for some cookies from Mee Mee's mother, Dee Dee wishes to be a real Ponypuff Princess, the more she thinks about, the more she gets sad about it. She decides she is through playing and barges into Dexter's Lab crying and demands to be a real pony. Dexter rejects at first but then thinks he could use more information on horses and he can easily get around the lab if he has a pony. So he agrees, and transforms Dee Dee into a real pony. She then returns to Mee Mee's house, and Lee Lee and Mee Mee decide to ride on her.

After a while, Dee Dee gets worn out from being rode on and cries, Dexter, Mee Mee, and Lee Lee are about to slave her until the real Ponypuff Pony appears.

Ponypuff Pony demands for them to let Dee Dee be free and threatens to eat them all if they disobey her, shocking Dexter and Dee Dee's friends and forcing them to let her be free.

The Ponypuff horse then tells Dee Dee to be free as the latter runs off in happiness as Dexter and her friends let her be free, ending the episode.



  • Mee Mee & Lee Lee: Why are you crying?
  • Dee Dee: I wanna be a real Ponypuff Princess, instead of just pretending.
  • Mee Mee: Oh. Girl, are you feeling all right?
  • Mee Mee: HEY! Watch it, girl, this is my house! And we don't play that at my house, Mm-mm.
  • Dee Dee: Well, I am through playing. I wanna be a Ponypuff Princess FOR REAL!
  • Lee Lee: Don't go there, Dee Dee.
  • Dee Dee: Go where?! The only place I'm going is home!
  • Mee Mee: You know, all that girl ever does is scream.
  • Pony Puff Princess Hologram: [continued] So let her go, or I'll eat you up! [mimicking snarls]
  • Dexter: [stunned as the girls shake with fear] Oh, no! Don't do that!


Production Notes[]

  • Although "Topped Off", "Dee Dee's Tail" and "No Power Trip" aired on 1998, they were actually made in 1997 according to the credits.