Dexter's Laboratory Wiki

(The episode opens with a closeup of Dexter's face as it is breaking out).

  • Dexter: (narrating) The horror. Of the landmarks in the home of my parents. My memory will forever rest in the room that belongs to my sister: Dee Dee.

(The camera zooms into Dexter's eye as a door appear in the place of his pupil. It then zooms to door as it moves closer to the keyhole of the door and the fades to black. The scene then cuts to the laboratory as Dexter is in front of a machine)

  • Dexter: (narrating) I looked with large eyes to my future. My invention was no longer a lazy bird with folded wings. (Dexter holds up bread with oven mitts) Sliced bread was possible. (He peaks into the oven) I baked the bread. (The timer goes off and dings indicating that the bread is ready. Dexter takes the bread out and sets it on the table.) And now, the moment of truth is here.