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Darbie High Priestess
Darbie High Priestess
Gender Female
Species Human
Affiliations Darbie
Occupation Head of the Darbie Fandom
Interests Preserving Darbie Dolls
First Appearance Star Check Unconventional
Voiced By June Foray

“A box was opened... There must be... RETRIBUTION!”
Darbie High Priestess

The Darbie High Priestess is an elderly woman who is the head of the Darbie fandom. Along with her Darbie collecting subordinates, she is one of the main antagonists of the episode "Star Check Unconventional".

She is voiced by the late and legendary actress June Foray.


Star Check Unconventional[]

One of Dexter's Friends who was cosplaying as the Star Check character Dr. "Skins" McBoy ignorantly opened a Bicentenial Kristal box, angering all the Darbie collectors for ruining the collector's value of the doll. After Dexter said he would take responsibility for McBoy's actions, the Priestess sentenced him to face the Large Dealer in a duel with bladed weapons called turpols. Dexter wins, then angrily points at her and prepares to hurl a turpol, scaring her. He instead hurls the turpol at the original 1959 Darbie doll next to her throne, decapitating it. Angered, she commands her followers to seize Dexter and his friends, but they escape.


  • She is a parody of the Vulcan minister T'Pau from the episode "Amok Time" of the 1966 television series Star Trek.

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