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"Dad Man Walking"
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"Dad Man Walking"
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Dad Man Walking
Season 4, Episode 3
Episode name reference to/pun on: The prison term "Dead man walking" and the character Dad
Dad Man Walking
Air date May 2, 2003
Production number 405c
Written by Carlos Ramos
Storyboard by Carlos Ramos
Directed by Don Judge
Chris Savino

Dad Man Walking is the third segment of the third episode in season 4 of Dexter's Laboratory.

In this episode, Dad stumbles into Dexter's laboratory while sleepwalking. Dexter must safely get Dad out without waking him up, but the task proves to be difficult.


In his laboratory, Dexter is at work on his newest invention: the Defend-O-Tron. While testing it out, Dexter opens the laboratory door and Dad sleepwalks in. While Dexter tries the Defend-O-Tron out, he is surprised to see Dad enter his lab and not Dee Dee.

While Dexter isn't looking, Dad sleepwalks toward a shelf of rare chemicals and knocks it over, causing the other shelves to fall over and break the flasks on them. The last shelf causes the flask of invisibility oxide to spill on Dad, turning him invisible. Dexter watches in dismay as the final shelf falls over on the floor. He thinks he flattened Dad, but hears his snoring as it echoes throughout the laboratory.

Dexter ran to get a bucket of water, but suddenly picks up on Dad being near him, to which he uses the bucket to splash water on him and the De-Atomizer, the latter firing a beam at Dad and making him shrink. Dexter runs to get the Re-Atomizer and bring Dad back to normal size, but instead turns him into a giant. With the Re-Atomizer out of power, Dexter watches in dismay as his immense father sleepwalks through the lab, leaving a destruction in his wake.

With enough power, Dexter fires the Re-Atomizer at Dad, leaving him with a normal-sized body but an enlarged head. With Dad's head stuck inside an air vent pipe, Dexter fires the Re-Atomizer at him to return him to normal, only for Dad to get sucked into the pipe shortly after. At the other side, Dad comes out of the pipe and walks toward a flask containing Z-19. Thinking it's a drink of water, Dad drinks it and, after burping, transforms into a monster. The now-monstrous Dad breathes fire on Dexter's work desk, turning everything into ash.

Angered, Dexter grabs an anecdote potion and throws it into Dad's mouth, turning him back into normal. After breating fire, Dad wakes up and becomes aware of where he's at. Dexter distracts him by doing a dance, making Dad fall back asleep. As Dexter pushes Dad out of the lab, he falls victim to the Defend-O-Tron while Dad walks out unscathed. In his parents' bedroom, Dexter puts Dad back into bed and leaves. Dad wakes up after Dexter leaves, telling him that he's a light sleeper.




  • Dee Dee, despite being mentioned by Dexter, does not appear in this episode.

Episode connections[]

  • This is the second episode where Mom appears with no speaking roles. The first was in the episode "DiM".

Production Notes[]

  • Although this episode premiered in the United States on May 2, 2003, it was actually produced in 2002 according to the credits.
    • This episode was finished on September 27, 2002.[1]