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Creepy-eyed Girl
File-ld s01e40.jpg
Gender Female
Species Human
Interests Creepy-eyed Boy, Her Bunny Doll
First Appearance Aye Aye Eyes

The Creepy-eyed Girl is a nameless and silent young girl who, as her name suggests, has very big blank puppy eyes that always seem to stare right into one's soul and cause incredible discomfort. She only appeared in the episode Aye Aye Eyes, where she fell in love with Dexter after he brought back her Bunny Doll. Dexter subsequently ignored her repeatedly but was forced to pretend to be her boyfriend after she threatened to reveal his secret laboratory to the public. She (with the help of Dee Dee and Dexter) eventually finds a new love with a boy who had the same creepy eyes as her.