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Crazy Robot
Crazy Robot
Aliases Robot, Metal Man
Gender Unknown (Referred as male)
Species Robot
Family None
Affiliations Dexter (creator)
Occupation Robotic servant; bodyguard
Interests Dee Dee
First Appearance That Crazy Robot
Voiced By Frank Welker

The Crazy Robot is one of Dexter's inventions. It only appeared in the episode "That Crazy Robot", where it served as Dee Dee's bodyguard after she brings it back to life.


"That Crazy Robot"[]

When Dee Dee enters Dexter's laboratory, she stumbles upon the crazy robot as it sits inactively in a corner. She brings it back to life after removing a wrench that was stuck inside its torso, to which it thanks her and offers to serve her every command and goes with her everywhere.

It helps Dee Dee get dressed for a day of school at Huber Elementary. At first, Dee Dee is disappointed that she can't stay to play with the robot, but it offers to go to school with her after promising to clean her pencils, carry her textbooks, and eating her sandwich. Dee Dee agrees to let it go to school with her as long as the robot stayed on its best behavior. After agreeing, the robot raced off to school with Dee Dee in tow.

During a quiz, the robot's bodyguard instincts kick in when one of the boys in Dee Dee's class calls her a cheater after the robot gives her the answers, to which it fires lasers at the boy. As a result, Dee Dee gets in trouble after her teacher tells her "guest" to behave. Shortly after, the robot had to wear a dunce cap as punishment

Later, while Dee Dee and her friends Lee Lee and Mee Mee are playing with Darbie dolls, the robot tries to zap the latter two after Mee Mee throws a Disco Ben doll at Dee Dee's room wall. Due to the robot's behavior, Mom castigates Dee Dee for her messy room and the robot prepares to fire lasers at her. Dee Dee saves Mom by telling her the roast is on fire. Mom then closes Dee Dee's room door and races to the kitchen just as the robot blasts a hole in the wall.

When Dee Dee had enough of the robot, she runs to Dexter pleading for help, to which he mocks her for asking for help. The robot, who sees Dexter teasing his sister, prepares to fire its lasers at Dexter, but is cut off as Dee Dee throws a wrench at the robot's torso, shutting it down and making it hunch over.


The Crazy Robot has a shiny metallic silver exterior. It has circular yellow eyes, and a rectangular blue mouth that glows green when it's happy and red when it's angry. It also has two antennas coming out of the sides of its head, and two red knobs on its chest that allow it to fire lasers when it's angry, and a yellow rate screen in between.


  • "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you for saving me! I am at your every command."
  • "I don't know. What time is it?"
  • "I'll go to school with you."
  • "But we're friends. I'll do whatever you want: I'll polish your pencils, carry your books, eat your sandwich, yum!"
  • "Be nice."
  • "That dress doesn't go on Darby. It goes on Corky."