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"Coupon for Craziness"
"Better Off Wet" Better Off Wet
Dexter's Lab: A Story "Dexter's Lab: A Story" Production Order
"Coupon for Craziness"
"Better Off Wet" Better Off Wet
Coupon for Craziness
Season 2, Episode 24b
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Coupon for Craziness
Air date January 28, 1998
Production number 224b
Written by Sami Rank
Michael Ryan
Storyboard by Chris Savino
Directed by Rumen Petkov
Craig McCracken (art direction)

Coupon for Craziness is the second segment of the twenty-forth episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on January 28, 1998.

In this episode, Dexter unintentionally swaps places with a hyperactive boy who looks like him while he and his family are at a supermarket. After realizing how boring Dextor's parents are, Dexter schemes to reunite with his own family.


At a supermarket, Dad, Mom, and Dee Dee are finding groceries and saving money on them using coupons. Dexter is off to the side watching and he goes to the magazine rack. At the produce section, a woman and her husband are measuring melon sizes and agree on the left one being bigger. Their son, Dextor, starts making noises, with his mom ordering him to go wait at the magazine rack until they finish shopping.

At the magazine rack, Dexter is reading Popular Mad Science magazine while Dextor picks up an activity book. When their parents tell them its time to go, Dexter walks off to the right and Dextor goes to the left. Outside, Dextor gets in the Dexter family's car while Dexter gets in Dextor's parents' car.

After arriving at Dextor's house, Dexter runs around screaming then gets a better look at his environment. A high-tech supercomputer, an analyzer on the wall, and four robot servants. Dexter then looks at Dextor's parents and is lovestruck at their interest in science as much as he is. He runs over to Dextor's parents and gives them a hug. Meanwhile, Dee Dee and Dextor are on their way to Dexter's house. The two get to know each other and eat two chocolate chip cookies.

Back at Dextor's house, Dextor's mom orders Dexter to do his keyboard stroke practice. Dexter then goes over to the computer and starts typing away at the keyboard. While doing so, he injures his right index finger and runs crying to Dextor's mom. Instead of getting a kiss, Dextor's mom straightens Dexter's finger, applies ointment, stabilizes, covers it with a bandage, then puts the glove back on. Dexter then kisses his own finger and returns to the keyboard strokes. At Dexter's house, Mom and Dad kiss Dextor while he stands on a stool.

Later, Dexter and Dextor's parents are having pamphlet reading hour and he asks for something sweet and to watch TV, to which Dextor's mom declines his requests. Dextor is at Dexter's house dumping a box of powdered sugar into his mouth and later watching TV. At bedtime, Dexter waits for Dextor's dad to read him a story and tuck him in, but nothing happens. Dad reads Dextor a bedtime story while he jumps up and down on Dexter's bed.

The next morning, Dexter goes for his morning nutrient intake period. Dexter heads to the kitchen to find a tray of soybean curd, extract, two vitamins, and chewable juice. Enraged, Dexter rails at Dextor's parents and shows him the lunchtime pill, to which he snaps in half. While Dexter rambles, he and Dextor's parents go to the supermarket. Dexter overhears Mom's voice and sees Dextor celebrating with them. He distracts Dextor's parents by pointing behind their heads and sneaking out of the cart.

Dexter sneaks towards Dextor and leaves a trail of cookies to his parents. Dexter then participates in the coupon game with his family while Dextor's parents try to get their son to come down as he jumps on a stack of melons.



Episode Connections[]

  • None known.

Cultural References[]

  • Hanna-Barbera can be seen at the bottom of the coupon on the title card.
  • "Popular MAD Science", a magazine Dexter picks up, has the word "mad" capitalized, referencing MAD Magazine.
  • The story Dad reads to Dextor at storytime is Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


  • During "pamphlet reading hour", Dextor's Mom refers to Dexter by his correct name rather than "Dextor" despite the two boys trading places.

Production Notes[]

  • None known