Dexter's Lab: A Story "Dexter's Lab: A Story" Premiere Order
"Coupon for Craziness"
"Better Off Wet" Better Off Wet
Dexter's Lab: A Story "Dexter's Lab: A Story" Production Order
"Coupon for Craziness"
"Better Off Wet" Better Off Wet
Coupon for Craziness
Season 2, Episode 24b
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Coupon for Craziness.png
Air date January 28, 1998
Production number 224b
Written by Sami Rank
Michael Ryan
Directed by Rumen Petkov

Coupon for Craziness is the second half of the 24th episode in season 2 of Dexter's Laboratory, which first aired on January 28, 1998. In this episode, Dexter swaps places with a hyperactive boy named Dextor, who turns out to be a male counterpart to Dee Dee. After Dexter realizes how boring Dextor's parents are, he schemes to return to his own family.


Dexter is at a supermarket with his family on a shopping trip. Dee Dee, Dad, and Mom look for coupons corresponding to their favorite items. Dexter goes over to the magazine rack and reads a science magazine. Meanwhile, a boy goes over to Dexter and picks up a comic.

After the shopping trip, Dexter gets in Dextor's family's car while Dextor gets in Dexter's family's car. At Dextor's house, Dexter runs around yelling out that he was kidnapped. After a warning from Dextor's parents, Dexter feels like he's in love with the parents. Dexter practices his typing and breaks his finger.

Later, Dexter gets fed up with the "new" parents being really boring and goes back to his family. He leaves a trail of cookies back to Dextor's family, and Dexter enjoys the coupon game with his family.



Episode Connections

Cultural References

  • Hanna-Barbera can be seen at the bottom of the coupon on the title card.
  • "Popular MAD Science", a magazine Dexter picks up, has the word "mad" capitalized, referencing MAD Magazine.


  • Dexter and Dextor leave the store while still reading their magazines. In this case, it's considered stealing as they didn't pay for it.
  • Dextor's portrait has his feet missing.
  • During "pamphlet reading hour", Dextor's Mom refers Dexter by his correct name rather than Dextor despite that he and Dextor traded places.
  • Dexter's parents should've known that their son was missing.

Production Notes

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