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Gender Female
Species Parasitic Bugs
Interests Infecting Boys
First Appearance Dee Dee's Room

Cooties are small girly parasitic bugs that girls are known to carry and mainly inhabit the adobes of any young female. Because of this, Dee Dee's Room has a large infestation of Cooties due to its extreme girlishness. If boys with no immunity towards Cooties come in contact with them, they will be paralyzed and the veins across their faces will bulge up.


Cooties are purple in the episode "Dee Dee's Room", but pink in the episode "Nuclear Confusion". They have six legs, flowers for antennae, big black eyes, and a curled Proboscis (nose/stinger). They also have a darker ring around their abdomen than the rest of their body. Although they can fly they have no visible wings. They look strikingly similar to the Powerpuff Girls.


Dee Dee's Room[]


Cooties surrounding Dexter.

Dexter was forced to face these vicious little parasites after entering Dee Dee's Room in order to recover his borrowed Bread Slicer. The encounter was a dangerous one with the Cooties proving to be dangerous foes. Despite his best efforts in avoiding them, Dexter in the end was unable to avoid the Cootie ailment after Dee Dee gave him a kiss on the cheek, causing him to contract the Cootie disease.

Babysitter Blues[]

When Dexter calls Jeff while pretending to be Lisa, he claims that Lisa never wants to see him again because he has cooties. He then does the same to Lisa while pretending to be Jeff.

Nuclear Confusion[]

Dexter once again encountered these dangerous little bugs while he was searching for his lost Nuclear Core in Dee Dee's room.

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