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“Dee Dee's on the warpath... and so are her cooties.”
Tagline for Cootie Wars
Cootie Wars
Cootie Wars
Author Bobbi JG Weiss and David Cody Weiss
Illustrator John Kurtz
Publication date June 1, 2003
Published by Scholastic
ISBN 0439449324
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Cootie Wars is an 8x8 book based on Dexter's Laboratory published by Scholastic on June 1, 2003.


Dee Dee's Cooties overrun Dexter's laboratory and he gets rid of all but one. After cloning its DNA, the invention is a success, but during a wrestling match, the Warriors and Cooties merge together, forming a Cootie Monster. Dexter and Dee Dee then work to get rid of it.


While Dexter works on one of his inventions, he is interrupted as a cootie buzzes in his ear. He turns around and sees a swarm of cooties in the lab, putting girly things on the beakers, levers, and everything else. Dexter, using his invention called the Robo-Spider Zap Suit, vanquishes every cootie except one and wages war on Dee Dee.

Dexter later comes up with a plan to conquer the Cooties: He shrinks himself to the size of a molecule and goes to alter the cootie's DNA to turn it into a warrior. With the plan a success, Dexter watches in joy as the warrior breaks out of its cage. In the hall, Dexter tells Dee Dee to meet him in his lab in ten minutes, to which she does. In Dexter's lab, he set up a wrestling ring with Dexter's warriors on one side and Dee Dee's cooties on the other. They watch as the cooties fight, but they suddenly merge with one another.

Dee Dee and Dexter both watch in dismay as the cooties jump out of their seats and fly into one another. Despite their pleas, the cooties continue to stack upon one another. Before they know it, the cooties have formed to the Cootie Monster, forcing the siblings to run out of the wrestling ring. After running to hide, Dexter and Dee Dee forgive each other for what they did as the Cootie Monster flies off. They then work together on an invention to defeat it.