Comrade Red
Comrade Red
Aliases Red
Gender Male
Species Meta-Human
Affiliations She-Thing
Von Hellen
Occupation Super Villain
Interests Taking over the world, The Soviet Union
First Appearance Krunk's Date
Voiced By Rob Paulsen

Comrade Red is Major Glory's arch nemesis and leader of The Injustice Friends.


Like Major Glory represents the USA, Comrade Red represents the Soviet Union with their relationship being a parody of the conflicts that occurred during the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the USA. As Major Glory represents most aspects of the Western World, such as democracy, the free world, capitalism, and the ideals of heroism, Comrade Red represents communism, oppression, socialism, and the ideals of the Soviet Union. He dresses in Russian attire and, like Major Glory (who decorates his costume like his country's flag), he decorates his costumes with the designs of the former Russian flag of the Soviet Union used prior to 1991. He also uses a hammer and sickle as weapons. He has an action figure.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength:Comrade Red was strong enough to punch Krunk over a building and knock him out and do the same to major glory
  • Scythe Proficiency
  • Hammer Proficiency
  • Like Major Glory he is Nigh-Invulnerable as he was still conscious even getting smash by Krunk


His main goal is to crush the Justice Friends and become the "big boss" of the entire world, likely desiring to restore the Soviet Union and having it dominate the world.

Episode Appearances


  • He may be a parody of DC Comics' Red Star and Marvel Comics' Red Skull. Having the power hungry goals of Red Skull and Red Star's Soviet Union theme and super powers.
  • Comrade Red resembles Major Glory, except with Russian attire.
  • Comrade Red is seen among all the A.W.S.M. members in The Powerpuff Girls episode "Members Only".
    • It is possible that he may have reformed and decided to Join forces with Major Glory.