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Gender Male
Species TV Person
Occupation Director of Global Security
Interests Success of missions
First Appearance Dial M for Monkey: Simion
Final Appearance Last But Not Beast
Voiced By Robert Ridgely
Earl Boen

The Commander is the head of Global Security whose main duty is to monitor the Earth for any signs of danger. He works closely with Agent Honeydew, Monkey, and The Justice Friends. He is only ever shown from the waist up in a TV monitor and it is hinted that he is actually trapped in the monitor. He is voiced by Robert Ridgely in 1996 and by Earl Boen in later appearances.


The Commander is an older white gentleman with a white crew cut and mustache. He wears a blue military uniform and aqua colored gloves. He also wears a black eye patch.


Although it may seem that he is a real person who is just being projected on a TV screen, he is actually nothing more than an image generated by the television screen or at least a man who became a trapped in a TV somehow, since he's never seen outside of it and he does everything through it.

Furthermore, in the episode "Huntor" his set was about to be dropped into the lava rather than his human body; since the Commander indicated that he would die if that happened, it would seem to be true that he is an image projected by the television instead of a real human being.

Agent Honeydew once even mentions in "Organ Grindor" that he's "trapped in that box" when he tries to join Monkey and Agent Honeydew for pudding, possibly hinting that he somehow became trapped in the TV world.

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  • He's a parody of Marvel Comics' Nick Fury.