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"Comic Stripper"
"Tee Party" Tee Party
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"Comic Stripper"
"Tee Party" Tee Party
Comic Stripper
Season 4, Episode 10c
Episode name reference to/pun on: Comic strip
Comic Stripper title card.png
Air date September 19, 2003
Production number 409c
Written by Chris Reccardi
Storyboard by Chris Reccardi
Directed by Chris Savino
Don Judge
Paul Stec (art direction)

Comic Stripper is the third part of the 10th aired and the 9th produced episode in season 4 of Dexter's Laboratory, which first aired on September 19, 2003. In this episode, Dexter loses a battle to Mandark and later goes home to find out that Mandark got his moves from the comic books they both read.


Dexter loses a fight with Mandark and then goes home and reads an Action Hank comic book. He finds out that Mandark was just saying and doing the exact same things as in the comic book. After a few more fights, Dexter knows that this is Mandark trying to be funny with him so, he goes to the comic book store and buys all of the future issues of the comic book before their released so that he can be ahead of Mandark. When he does, he waits for Mandark to do his thing so he can stop him, but to his surprise, Mandark is just acting like a duck. Dexter loses the fight and he asks what that was all about. Mandark told Dexter that they were all sold out of the Action Hank comic books he was going to buy so he bought a Monkey one instead. Dexter tells him what he did to get ahead of him and Mandark says "You fool, if you bought out all of the other comics how did you expect me to get one so I could fall right into your trap?" and he leaves laughing at Dexter's stupidity.






  • On the window of the comic book store, there is a poster of Major Glory.
  • The Monkey comic was of Monkey and Quackor fighting, but in a previous episode, A Quackor Cartoon Monkey and Quackor began dating.
  • Dee Dee, Mom and Dad were absent in this episode.
  • Final appearance of Mandark-Bot in this episode.


Production Notes

  • Although this episode aired on September 19, 2003, it was actually made in 2002 according to the credits. It was also the final episode produced in 2002 along with its sister episodes.
    • This episode completed production by December 2002.[1]



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