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Gender Male
Species Cyborg
Occupation Super Villain
Interests Power, Domination
First Appearance 911
Voiced By Tom Kenny

Claw is an evil mastermind and the villainous arch-enemy of Action Hank. He is a parody of villains from several popular action cartoons/movies from the 70's and 80's, all rolled up into one. These include: The Claw (Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos), Dr. Claw (Inspector Gadget) and Destro (G.I. Joe), as well as Dr. No and Blofeld (James Bond).


He is a tall and slender inhuman-looking man wearing a full body black suit with black boots. His skin is completely white and he has yellow eyes, making him look somewhat alien. His most notable feature and reason for his name is his large and robotic right hand which resembles a gauntlet. As the Colonel, he dressed in a blue army uniform, wore a monocle and lacked his robotic claw. In "Comic Relief", he looked far more robotic in appearance, seemingly being completely made out of metal and having a broader nose and head. He also smoked a cigarette on a cigarette holder.


The Claw is an evil and seemingly emotionless villain who seeks only power and fortune, as well as the destruction of Action Hank. He would go to great lengths to ensure the world is devoid of goodness and joy and instead filled hate and evil.


He is an evil genius with tactical expertise and a large army of henchmen and allies at his command, showing that he is master manipulator and highly skilled leader. He is never seen fighting directly but he never shows fear before Action Hank, implying he may be a capable fighter or at least overconfident. It is unknown if his claw possesses any combat capabilities.

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  • Claw appeared in both the original series and seasons 3 and 4, something even Action Hank and related characters did not get to do.
  • In "The Beard to be Feared", a villain named the 'Colonel' (also voiced by Tom Kenny) shares the exact same physical appearance as the Claw, however unlike the Claw he had a german accent, a different suit, a monocle and no sign of his metal claw. It is unknown if the two are the same or related.
    • The Colonel is based on Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe) and most notably Colonel Klink (Hogan's Heroes).