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Chubby Cheese
Gender Male
Species Robot Mouse;
Anthropomorphic Mouse (imagination)
Occupation Chubby Cheese's Mascot
Interests Pizza
First Appearance Chubby Cheese (episode)
Voiced By Rob Paulsen

Chubby Cheese is the mascot of the Chubby Cheese's restaurant/arcade chain. He was voiced by Rob Paulsen.


Chubby is an obese yellow animatronic mouse with pink eyes and a big red nose. He wears a green vest, with no shirt underneath, and brown shorts. In Dexter's imagination, he appears as a real and plump mouse seemingly oozing cheese from his body.



Despite his whimsical nature, the character of Chubby along with his restaurant chain, were conceived by the Captain of an evil organization in the hopes of luring child geniuses to their restaurants and abducting them to serve in the organization's plans for world domination.

Chubby Cheese[]

In the restaurant, an animatronic Chubby sings with his band, which is comprised of animatrons of classic Hanna-Barbera characters such as Boo-Boo Bear, Squidlly Diddly, The Hair Bear Bunch and Grape Ape.

The Muffin King[]

In this episode, Chubby Cheese is mentioned when Dad (disguised as Mom) tries tricking Dexter and Dee Dee into giving him the muffins by telling them that he would take them to Chubby Cheese's.

"They Got Chops"[]

Chubby Cheese is mention when Dee Dee said "The one by Chubby Cheese?"



  • Chubby Cheese is an obvious parody of Chuck E. Cheese's, a popular chain of children's entertainment centers.

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