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Chubby Cheese's

Chubby Cheese's is a popular children's restaurant that features a large arcade that offers tickets and prizes and mainly serves pizza.

In truth however, Chubby Cheese's is actually the cover up for a secret evil organization that created the restaurant and highly difficult arcade machines to lure out super genius children which they would use to create powerful weapons for them so they could take over the world. This may have led to Dexter's initial dislike of the restaurant, as he seemed to later uncover this later.


  • The restaurant is a parody of children's pizzeria locations, namely Chuck E. Cheese.
  • Chubby Cheese's is mentioned in other episodes, such as The Muffin King. In that episode, Dexter seemed to be very excited to go to the restaurant that time around, so he may have changed his mind about it after a few more visits with him and his family later on.
  • In the episode They Got Chops it is revealed there is a martial arts dojo next door to Chubby Cheese’s