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(One bright and early morning, Dexter wakes up after hearing his alarm clock. He yawns, stretches, and then scratches his head and side, only to continuing scratching as he walks into the bathroom. He pees (presumably) and then brushes his teeth, only to open his eyes to gaze into his bathroom mirror. He sees himself, but something is wrong.)

Dexter: [screams in horror, releasing his toothbrush in the process. He leans in closer to the mirror for inspection.] What are these strange protrusions? I must investigate immediately. (He turns around to hear Dee Dee singing in the hallway as she nears to his room.) Uh oh.

Dee Dee: [kicks down Dexter's door and begins to do balerina moves towards Dexter, only to stop midar after noticing Dexter is now wrapped in bandages. She was about to say something, but Dexer intervenes.]

Dexter: [He begins to push Dee Dee out of his room] Okay, Dee Dee, way too much has happened this morning, so please...[as they reach the doorway, Dexter yells his trademark...] GET OUTTA MY LABORATORY! [...before slamming the door. He walks back into his room, but his bandages are falling off, which he doesn't notice.] I have not time for her foolishness today.

Dee Dee: [she reopens the door] But, Dexter, I'm not in your labor- [she opens her eyes in surprise to see that Dexter is covered in red, itchy spots. Her eyes widen and a quirky smirk appears on her face. She, then, jumps at Dexter, pointing and yelling,] YOU'VE GOT CHICKEN POX!

Dexter: [continues to scratch] Chicken Pox? What is this pox of a chicken? [is still scratching] 

"Hmm, something's still wrong, but what?!"

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