Dexter's Laboratory Wiki
Aliases El Chupacabra
Gender Male
Species Artificial Monster
Family Dexter (creator)
Abilities Sucking goat blood, scaring Dee Dee
Interests Dexter, eating goats
First Appearance Got Your Goat

Charlie is an artificial lifeform resembling a gargoyle that was created by Dexter in order to scare Dee Dee, however Dexter seemingly forgot about Charlie and he eventually escaped the lab and made his way to South America where he grew an appetite for goats, and the locals began to call him "El Chupacabra".


One day while in the lab, Dexter is suddenly "attacked" by Dee Dee who is pretending to be the Chupacabra. An unamused Dexter then asks what Dee Dee is doing and she then explains the origin of the Chupacabra and shows him a newspaper with an obscured image of the Chupacabra with reports about its goat attacks. Dexter immediately recognizes the silhouette as Charlie and realizes that he escaped.

Dexter then takes Dee Dee with him aboard his Flying Sombrero to South America (due to her questionable understanding of Spanish) to hunt down and capture Charlie alive. Their first stop was a small South American village in the jungle where they are captured by the locals who believe them to be hunters, but the locals flee after Dee Dee mentions the Chupacabra. Suddenly a mysterious old shaman woman appears and tells the duo that the Chupacabra resides in the Lost Caverns and warns them of the dangers before freeing them from their bindings.

Dexter and Dee Dee heed the old woman's advice and make their way to the caverns as Dexter tries to remember why he invented Charlie in the first place, a purpose he has long forgotten. They finally enter the caverns and find all sorts of frightening sights, such as bats, a creature in a lagoon and even the torn backpack and blood-soaked binoculars of a dead explorer who may have fallen victim to Charlie. After finding the victim's skull, Dexter and Dee Dee run away and become separated, but just then Dee Dee lets out a horrified scream which leads Dexter to her and he finds her about to be attacked by none other than Charlie, who upon seeing his former creator happily calls him "Dada" and embraces Dexter. Dexter then finally remembers that he created Charlie to scare Dee Dee, but Dee Dee wonders why Charlie has instead been in South America killing goats and attacking locals, but Dexter simply responds that Charlie wasn't a very successful experiment.

Charlie's fate after this is unknown as he is never seen again, but he was presumably taken back to the lab by Dexter or allowed to remain in South America.


Charlie is a voracious creature with a bloodlust for goats, and it has a natural inclination for scaring Dee Dee which is to be expected as that was the purpose of his creation. Despite these traits, Charlie is very loving towards Dexter and considers him his "Dada" despite Dexter keeping him locked up in the lab.


  • Charlie is based on the Latin American cryptid known as the "Chupacabra" (meaning "Goatsucker"), a vampiric creature from Puerto Rico described as either a horned reptile or a canine that attacks goats in the middle of the night.
  • Charlie's debut episode took place in 1997, exactly 2 years after the first Chupacabra sighting in 1995.
    • Although reports of a vampiric creature eating goats in that area had existed long before the 1995 sightings.
    • 1995 was also the same year that the Dexter's Laboratory pilot first premiered.