Dexter's Laboratory Wiki
  • Mom: Dee Dee! Can you please check if your brothers ready for school?
  • Dee Dee: What did you say, mom?!
  • Mom: I said, go check if Dexter’s ready for school.
  • Dee Dee: Ahh!
  • (Door slams)
  • (Dee Dee reads the signs on Dexter’s door reading "Police Line: Do Not Cross", "Stop", "Toxic", "No UVAs", "Away You Go", "Anti-Girl Zone" and "Beat It")
  • Dee Dee: (whispering) Dexter. Are you ready for school?
  • Dee Dee: Ohh. There doesn’t seem to be any answer. I guess I’ll have to go inside. (Rattles doorknob) Ooh... the door is locked.
  • Dexter: At last... my greatest work completed! (Kisses loudly)
  • (Dee Dee bursts into Dexter's lab)
  • Dee Dee: Hi!
  • Dexter: What—what— what are you doing in my laboratory?
  • Dee Dee: I'm just here to check up on my favourite little brother.
  • Dexter: Stop that! I don't need you to check up on me, so please remove yourself from my laboratory!
  • Dee Dee: Ooh! What's that?
  • Dexter: Ohh!
  • Dee Dee: Ooh! (Models 2 long balloons into a flower balloon and giggles)
  • Dexter: (notices the flower balloon Dee Dee made) Aaaah!
  • (Dee Dee goes through Dexter's experiments in his laboratory.)
  • Dexter: (notices his experiments Dee Dee went through.) Aaaah!