Dexter's Laboratory Wiki
Gender Unknown
Species Cat
Family Dexter (Owner)
Dee Dee (Owner)
Mom (Owner)
Dad (Owner)
Occupation House pet
Interests Eating Fishy
First Appearance Maternal Combat
Voiced By Frank Welker

The Dexter Family's unnamed Cat is a recurring minor character on the show who usually just fills the role of the typical house cat and Fishy's occasional tormenter. Unlike the Dog, the Cat has never had a major role in any episode.


Maternal Combat[]

The cat is first seen lounging in the living room when Fishy's bowl suddenly lands on his pillow. It then quickly readies his claws to attack the little fish, but the battle between Mom-Droid and Mom-Droid 1000 interrupts it.

Mom and Jerry[]

After Dexter switches brains with a mouse, Dee Dee tries to find his rogue mouse-controlled body. In the end she instead ends up catching the family cat, who proceeds to chase after the rodent Dexter. In this episode, the cat has orange fur instead of gray.

Morning Stretch[]

The cat is once again seen trying to eat Fishy and pounces on his bowl, however the cat misses its target and instead its face painfully hits the fish bowl. In this episode, the cat has the same design as in "Mom and Jerry" but retains its gray fur from "Maternal Combat".

Sticky Situation[]

After Dexter's nanobots go haywire and begin sticking everything to the floor, they even stick the cat's feet to the floor. Dexter eventually invents a new batch of nanobots to undo the damage, and thus free the cat. In this comic, the cat was still gray but with blue eyes and it now appeared younger, resembling a kitten.



  • Its name has never been revealed throughout the entire series and his existence has never been acknowledged by the family as he is only seen in scenes where Fishy is tormented by him. Possibly indicating that the cat might just be a stray who breaks into the house to eat Fishy.