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Cap'n Ahab
Cap'n Ahab
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliations His Crew,
Wet Willie
Occupation Whaler?
Interests Catching Odd Creatures and the White Whale
First Appearance Ocean Commotion
Voiced By Tom Kenny

Cap'n Ahab is a loony old whaler who is after the legendary white whale. He only appears in the episode "Ocean Commotion."


Cap'n Ahab's crew


Cap'n Ahab was seen on his ship searching all of his life for the white whale. When one his crewmates alerted him on the whale's appearance, Ahab began to chase after it. But then, Dee Dee intervened and comes aboard his ship. As Dee Dee berates the pirates for attempting to harm the Whale, Cap'n Ahab decides to abandon his pursuit on the White Whale and have his crew capture the pink mermaid. After tying Dee Dee to the bow of his ship, Ahab plans to enter a boat show. Luckily Dexter, having been informed by the White Whale of Dee Dee's capture, comes to her rescue. After Dexter and Dee Dee fights off Ahab's crew, he orders to bring out the guns from his ship. Dexter, Ahab, and the whales and dolphins charge into each other causing an explosion. It is unknown what happened to Cap'n Ahab after that, but it is most likely that he was killed in the explosion.


  • He is based on Captain Ahab, a character from Herman Melville's classic story: Moby-Dick.