Dexter's Laboratory Wiki
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Actress
Interests Acting
First Appearance Dee Dee and the Man
Voiced By Kath Soucie

Candi is one of the replacement sisters that Dexter hired when he kicked Dee Dee out of his lab in the episode "Dee Dee and the Man".


She is a tall and very attractive blonde woman with a very voluptuous physique, red pouty lips, fair skin and long flowing hair. She wears a white dress shirt, a short green skirt and black high-heels and also has the largest bust-size out of all the female characters.


Dee Dee and the Man

After a trying day of Dee Dee's lunacy, Dexter calls her into his office and tells her that she is fired. Although he ends up getting a lot more work done, he discovers that peace, quiet, and solitude don't really make him happy, so he does the logical thing and starts accepting applications for troublesome older sisters. He eventually decides on Candi after being enamored by her looks and has her dress up as Dee Dee. She quits when she learns Dexter's Lab is not a TV show.


  • As an example of the show's occasional adult humor, it is implied that she may be a stripper or adult dancer, as when Dexter asks her to dance like Dee Dee, she demands "50 bucks extra". She also makes Dexter takes a cold shower.
  • Candi could be a possible reference to the tall, curvy and blonde dancer-actress Anna Nicole Smith.
  • Coincidentally, she shares the same name as Candi Milo, who voices Dexter in the last two seasons.

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