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"Bygone Errors"
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"Bygone Errors"
"Folly Calls" Folly Calls
Bygone Errors
Season 4, Episode 9b
Episode name reference to/pun on:
Bygone errors
Air date September 12, 2003
Production number 408b
Written by Clayton McKenzie Morrow
Storyboard by Clayton McKenzie Morrow
Directed by Robert Alvarez
Chris Savino
Paul Stec (Art director)

Bygone Errors is the second part of the ninth aired and eighth produced episode of season 4 of Dexter's Laboratory. In this episode, Dexter and Dee Dee "reminiscence" about their past.

The episode was produced in 2002 and premiered on Cartoon Network in the United States on September 12, 2003.


Old Man Dexter tells stories about what his life was like back when he was a kid but Old Gal Dee Dee is there to correct him.



  • One of Dexter's stories was a story of him being in an alien restaurant being chased by aliens, referencing Tartakovsky's later work Samurai Jack.
    • During that scene, Jim from The Powerpuff Girls episode "Mime for a Change" also makes a cameo appearance.

Production Notes[]

  • Although this episode premiered in the United States on September 12, 2003, it was actually produced in 2002 according to the credits.
    • This episode was finished in November of 2002.[1]
  • This episode marks Old Man Dexter's and Number 12's last appearances in the show.