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Blue Falcon
Aliases Radley Crowne (real name)
Gender Male
Species Human
Family Dynomutt (pet/sidekick)
Occupation Superhero
First Appearance Dyno-Might
Voiced By Gary Owens

Blue Falcon is a superhero from the 1970s Hanna-Barbera cartoon Dynomutt, Dog Wonder. He uses his gadgets and wits to help him fight crime along with his sidekick Dynomutt. He appeared in the episode Dyno-Might, where after Dynomutt received a serious injury from Buzzard in battle, Blue Falcon seeks Dexter's help in repairing him.



Blue Falcon and Dexstar team up.

Blue Falcon is a tall and muscular man with blonde hair who wears a blue bird themed costume with yellow boots and braces on his wrists. When not in costume, he wears a business suit. He wears a special utility belt around his waist and carries several bird-shaped gold boomerangs.


Blue Falcon is a no-nonsense superhero who always tries to keep his composure and take matters seriously. However his personality greatly contrasts with his goofy idiot sidekick Dynomutt, who usually just goofs up and never takes anything seriously. Despite this, Blue Falcon cares for his partner not just as his sidekick but as his beloved pet dog.



Comic Stripper[]

The Lab of Tomorrow[]

Blue Falcon makes a brief cameo on a poster in Dexter's room.


  • In Dyno-Might, Blue Falcon was voiced by Gary Owens, who had voiced him in all prior appearances. This was would also be Owens' final time voicing the character.