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Bird Ship
Bird Ship
Created by Dexter
Used by Dexter
Function Transportation
First Appearance Inflata Dee Dee

The Bird Ship is one of Dexter's many inventions. It was used in the episodes "Inflata Dee Dee" and "Rushmore Rumble". The ship was not named in either of the episodes that it appeared; however, years later an action figure of the ship was released with the name "Bird Ship."


Inflata Dee Dee[]

In this episode, the Bird Ship is used by Dexter to try and capture Dee Dee, who is using Dexter's Hydroplasmatic Inflation Suit. He then launches out of the ship in a Bird Suit that resembles the ship's appearance.

Rushmore Rumble[]

After Mandark brings the Mt. Rushmore George Washington to life and attacks Dexter's lab, Dexter uses the Bird Ship's Tripolar Frankensteinian Electrodes to bring the Mt. Rushmore Abraham Lincoln to life.


  • Tripolar Frankensteinian Electrodes - Bolt-shaped conductors that, when attached to an inanimate object and charged with 25,000 volts of electricity, can bring an object to life.
  • Bird Suit - A full body suit that resembles the Bird Ship and enables the user to fly. The user of the suit is launched out of the back of the ship in an egg.



  • An action figure based on the Bird Ship was released in 2002 by Trendmasters.