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Billy Bloomberg
Billy Bloomberg 1
Aliases Little Billy, Big Billy
Gender Male
Species Human
Interests Food
First Appearance The Bus Boy
Voiced By Rob Paulsen

Billy "Bill" Bloomberg is a minor character in Dexter's Laboratory. He only appeared in the episode "The Bus Boy".


As a young boy, Billy was round and chubby and had dark blonde hair with glasses. He wears a light red and white striped t-shirt with light blue shorts, socks, and white shoes. Thirty years later, Billy became taller and more rotund than usual. He also has long toenails that allows him to pick up things that kids leave behind on the bus.


In his only appearance, Billy Bloomberg was mentioned by a group of kids that were on the bus to Huber Elementary that morning. As Becky and Gwen were playing "Keep Away" with one of Dexter's pencils, Gwen throws the pencil high over Dexter and Becky's heads, where it lands in the back of the bus. Dexter goes to get it, only to be stopped by Otto, Vicky, and his best friend Mordecai.

In Otto's story, Billy enjoyed eating sweets. One day, while on the bus to school, the bus's shaking caused Billy's cup of hot chocolate to fall onto the bus driver's lap, making her scream out in pain and cause her to swerve in traffic and nearly miss an ice cream truck. As punishment, the bus driver sent Billy to the back of the bus.

In Vicky's story, Billy saw a spider crawling on the school bus window and he used his thumb to squish it. When the spider calls for help, several arachnids came to wrap Billy in a sticky web and drag him to the back of the bus and get devoured by the spider queen.

In Douglas E. Mordecai III's story, Billy sat in the rear of the bus enjoying himself until an interdimensional time lord opened up a rift in the space-time continuum and tried to pull Billy in. Billy then hung on to one of the seats, but got pulled into a time egg by a bipolar tachyon vortex.

Dexter finds all three tales nonsensical, but after a shadowy hand pulls his pencil into the rear of the bus, he goes there despite the others' concerns. When Dexter sees who the real Billy Bloomberg is, he learns what really happened: Billy fell asleep in the back of the bus with his mouth open, and a piece of gum fell out. When Billy tried to move, he ended up spreading the gum out more than usual, and while struggling to get free, one of Billy's shoes flew off and broke a light, resulting in his predicament.

Dexter uses his laser pen to cut Billy free and he returns to the front of the bus with Billy following him. When Dexter tells Billy that Becky and Gwen were the ones who threw the pencil, Billy chews some gum, spits it on the ceiling, and sticks Becky and Gwen's hair to it. Billy mistook Dexter's pencil for a licorice stick, then he and the rest of the students all share a collective laugh as Becky and Gwen struggle to get free.