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Big-Eyed Girl
File-ld s01e40
Gender Female
Species Human
Interests Dexter (formerly), Big-Eyed Boy, Her Bunny Doll
First Appearance Aye Aye Eyes

The Big-Eyed Girl is an unnamed, voiceless, and minor character in Dexter's Laboratory. She only appeared in the episode "Aye Aye Eyes".


She is a young girl with fair skin and black hair with blue highlights. She wears a lavender dress with white tights and black Mary Jane shoes.


In her only appearance, the girl first met Dexter when she dropped her stuffed bunny and he gave it back to her. Since then, the girl developed a crush on Dexter and followed him around. However, Dexter doesn't reciprocate her feelings and eventually gets creeped out. When the girl arrives in Dexter's laboratory to give him his science textbook that he dropped, she, through a series of nods, admits that she's in love with Dexter.

Dee Dee stepped in and was able to get the girl to leave Dexter alone by having her fall in love with a boy who had big eyes just like her.