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Bertha the Barbarian
Bertha the Barbarian
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Super Villain
Interests Battle
First Appearance 911

Bertha the Barbarian is an evil amazon-like warrior who is an enemy of both Action Hank and The Justice Friends.


She is a large and incredibly muscular woman resembling a cross between an amazon and a viking. She wears fur clothing and golden armor along with a golden helmet with two horns which covers most of her head except her face and long red hair.


She appears to be an evil warrior with a lust for battle and will not pass up the chance to take down powerful foes while at their weakest moment.


The Injustice Fiends

Bertha with her evil comrades.

She is a large and muscular woman, indicating that she possesses super strength and endurance. She wields a large scimitar-like blade which she is likely very skilled and deadly with. However she and her fellow villains couldn't even harm the likes of The Infraggable Krunk and it is implied that she was beaten with relative ease by Action Hank.



Bertha the Barbarian first appeared as an ally of Claw, who had joined up with him and several other villains to finally destroy Action Hank. Upon being confronted, Action Hank seemed both outnumbered and out-powered, but in the end he was able to defeat every one of his foes off-screen in an epic battle.

Pain in the Mouth[]

In order to help remove Krunk's aching tooth, Major Glory loudly yells out that Krunk is weak and defenseless, which causes a horde of powerful super villains to arrive seeking to take advantage of Krunk's "weakened" state in hopes of destroying him. Among the assembled villains is Bertha the Barbarian who spares no second in unleashing a flurry of punches on Krunk.


  • She seems to be a parody of the female barbarian Red Sonja from the 1985 film of the same name which also starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • She is a parody of DC Comic's Big Barda who also has a golden helmet, although with differently-shaped horns, as well as her Jack Kirby-esque design.