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Beau Daniels
Gender Male
Species Human
Family Unknown
Occupation Student
Interests Dee Dee
Chocolate Covered Chocolate Balls
First Appearance Beau Tie
Voiced By Pamela Adlon

Beau is Dee Dee's ex-boyfriend who only appeared in the episode Beau Tie.


Beau is a boy with brown hair and green eyes. He has a green jacket and he wears a white shirt under it with a picture of Einstein's head and the word "Think" on it.


Beau is a very smart and nice boy. He usually takes problems lightly, and is quick to find a solution. However, when people take things too far, he goes insane and wild, even to the point of seemingly dumping Dee Dee at the end of Beau Tie.
He has an interest for science which made Dexter very fascinated with him and hoped to make him his friend. This eventually resulted in the two siblings fighting over him.


  • Dee Dee: Dee Dee was Beau's girlfriend up to the end of Beau Tie. While they were dating, Beau was eager to explain anything she wanted to know. However, her childish antics could worry him a bit.
  • Dexter: When Beau met Dexter, he thought he was a bit cool. He admired his interest in science, but he had trouble deciding whether to hang out with him or continue his date with Dee Dee. His confusion led him to dump Dee Dee and run as far away as possible from the two.



Dee Dee and Beau had met in school at an unknown point and she eventually invited him over to her house.

Beau Tie

When Dee Dee brought Beau home, she hoped to spend some quality time with him, but after Dexter was surprised to see that a friend of Dee Dee's was actually intelligent, he decided to make him his new friend, much to Dee Dee's annoyance as he kept interrupting every opportunity she had to be alone with him.

The Dreamwish-O-Tron 5000

After Dexter wished away Dee Dee using his Dreamwish-O-Tron 5000, she was sent to a whole new world of her liking and all traces of her on the old world were erased and brought to the new one, including her friends and even Beau, who now served "Princess Dee Dee" as a castle lord.


  • The word "Beau" is the French masculine word for "handsome/beautiful", which makes sense because Dee Dee thinks he is cute.