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Barney and Betty Rubble
Aliases Mr. and Mrs. Rubble
Gender Male (Barney)
Female (Betty)
Species Human
First Appearance Dad is Disturbed
Voiced By Jeff Bennett (Barney)
Kath Soucie (Betty)

Bernard Matthew "Barney" Rubble and Elizabeth Jean "Betty" Rubble are a married couple who live next door to the Dexter family and are based on the Flintstones characters of the same name. They both made their only appearance in the episode "Dad is Disturbed".


Barney and Betty both wear clothes based on their original appearances. Barney wears a brown polo shirt with brown boots, and Betty wears a sky blue dress with a matching ribbon and black low-heel pumps.


Dad is Disturbed[]

In their only appearance, Betty was talking to Mom over the phone, the latter disrupting Dad as he was watching the golf tournament on TV. Angered by his wife's constant chatter, Dad took it upon himself to go over to Barney and Betty's house to tie the latter up and cover her mouth with tape then continue the conversation with Mom while pretending to be Betty.

Near the end of the episode, after Dad runs out of his family's home crying because his time to watch the golf tournament was interrupted, he went back to the Rubbles' house where Barney lets him watch the golf tournament, although Barney sits by feeling annoyed with Dad constantly talking.