Dexter's Laboratory Wiki
Gender Male
Species Culinary Entity
Abilities Cosmic culinary powers
Affiliations Silver Spooner (herald)
Occupation Eater of Worlds
Interests Barbecues
First Appearance Dial M for Monkey: Barbequor
Voiced By Robert Ridgely

Barbequor is a powerful galactic culinary entity who travels the universe in search of planets to barbecue and eat. He is aided in this task by his herald the Silver Spooner.


He is a gigantic humanoid with light skin who wears a purple suit and helmet with soda can holders. He also wears an orange chef hat, an orange apron, orange mittens and purple sandals with orange socks.


He rarely shows any personality other than that he loves barbecues and enjoys grilling his planets while whistling. He is quite determined to eat and will become quite annoyed when denied his meal.


Being a powerful culinary entity, Barbequor is one of the most powerful characters in the series. Easily being able to overpower Monkey, manipulate cooking-related energy and matter, and pull planets and stars out of their orbits with ease. Aside from his abilities, Barbequor also possesses giant cooking tools to aid in his barbecues, as well as a giant cosmic bug zapper designed to draw in the natives of a planet who try to stop his barbecue. Like with bugs, any mortal that sees it, including humans, will be drawn to the light and be zapped. He also has a giant can of "Deep Space Spray" that acts like bug spray for superheroes.


Dial M for Monkey: Barbequor[]

Barbequor appeared on the day of Monkey's birthday with his herald the Silver Spooner in order to cook the solar system for his barbecue. At first, he and the Silver Spooner were able to easily fend off Earth's defenses and began their barbecue, but when Monkey finally arrived and defeated the Silver Spooner, Barbequor had already eaten the solar system. Luckily Monkey then thought to use the Silver Spooner's giant spoon to force Barbequor to regurgitate the solar system, which put all the planets back in their place. What happened to him and his herald afterwards is unknown, but it is likely that his regurgitation made him lose his appetite, forcing him to spare Earth.


  • Barbequor is an obvious parody of Marvel Comics' Galactus.