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"Bar Exam"
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"Bar Exam"
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Bar Exam
Season 3, Episode 11c
Episode name reference to/pun on: The judicial term "Bar exam".
“Bar Exam” title card
Air date July 5, 2002
Production number 309c
Storyboard by Shellie Kvilvang
Directed by John McIntyre
Chris Savino

Bar Exam is the third part of the 11th episode of season 3 in Dexter's Laboratory. In this episode, Dexter's parents find out that their son has been rationalizing to not participate in P.E.. Dexter must pass the exam in order to move up a few grades.

The episode was produced in 2001 and premiered on Cartoon Network in the United States on July 5, 2002.


Dexter's parents discover that he is making false excuses to get out of physical education and now Dexter must pass a physical exam if he wants to pass P.E. and move up a few grades.


When Dexter's parents discover that Dexter is failing P.E. (Mostly because he is making false excuses so he wouldn't have to do exercise) Dexter is offered the chance to move up a couple of grades, on the condition that he must perform 10 simple pull ups in order to pass Gym and move up a few grades.

Later in his lab Dee Dee came in and told him what's he doing and Dexter told her that he made an invention that will make him pass gym, but Dee Dee told him that was cheating and started training.

Then Dexter did a pull-up, but Dee Dee told him he needs to do 9 more to pass his exam. The next day at school, Dexter "passed" his exam and was now to move up a few grades, but in the end it reveals he was in the same class with Dee Dee he told her it must be a mistake, but Dee Dee said "There ain't no mistake." Dexter tried to escape and states he cheated, but it was too late.



Principal: Dex, have a seat! No no at my seat!

Dexter: (Seat down on the Principal's chair)

Principal (to Dexter): That comfortable for ya?

Dexter: Oh yeah It's very nice.


  • The concept of Dexter having a excuses for P.E. goes way back in season 1 episode "Dexter Dodgeball " where he tried to give the gym teacher a excuses to let him miss gym forever, only to learn that the regular gym teacher is sick and new sub ripped up the excuses, forcing him to stay in gym.
  • Dexter couldn't jump rope, though he could in Repairanoid.

Production Notes[]

  • Although this episode premiered in the United States on July 5, 2002, it was actually produced in 2001 according to the credits.
    • This episode was finished on August 31, 2001.[1]
  • Although this episode was released after the theatrical short Chicken Scratch, it was actually produced beforehand (as well as several other episodes that aired before this one), as production wrapped on season 3 in October 2001 and Chicken Scratch in December 2001.