Dexter's Laboratory Wiki

(The outside of the home is seen; the camera then cuts to Dexter standing in front of his computer; a wireframe picture of the family car is shown on the screen spinning at 360 degrees on a green background)
Dexter: At last! I have discovered a way to shorten the suffering of those long family road trips trapped in the car with Dee Dee!
(He looks at a set of beakers, all filled with chemicals)
Dexter: By blasting the car with anti-matter, it can accelerate to near light speed, shortening the trip to an increment of time so small.
(The flask is filled with anti-matter; Dexter picks the potion up)
Dexter: Even I couldn't stand to be around Dee Dee that long, and just in time too. It's sunrise! The family road trip begins in three hours!
(The sun outside the window rises; the clock reads "6:00"; in the garage, Dexter walks near the car with the potion on hand)
Dexter: Dad's car. The gilded cage. My anti-matter will transform this simple vehicle. It consists of anti-particles with positron-surrounded nuclei imposed of anti-protons and anti-neutrons. It will allow the car to travel an infinite number of universes simultaneously. Or, in other words, really, really fast!