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"Aye Aye Eyes"
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"Aye Aye Eyes"
"Dee Dee and the Man" Dee Dee and the Man
Aye Aye Eyes
Season 2, Episode 27a
Episode name reference to/pun on: The phrase "Aye-yai-yai", indicating surprise.
Aye Aye Eyes.jpg
Air date February 18, 1998
Production number 225a
Written by Craig McCracken
Storyboard by Craig McCracken
Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky
Craig McCracken (art direction)

Aye Aye Eyes is the first part of 27th episode of season 2, which first aired on February 18, 1998. In this episode, Dexter meets a creepy eyed girl who refuses to leave him alone after he does something nice to her.


When a little girl with her stuffed bunny, while Dexter was walking down the lane behind her, the little girl was walking by, her stuffed bunny gets snagged and left behind while the girl kept on walking. Dexter trips over the bunny but notices that the bunny belong to the girl. He catches up to the little girl and returns the bunny to her, but when she opened her eyes, Dexter realizes how creepy she is, and then the Creepy Eyed Girl suddenly follows Dexter everywhere he goes even to the point of falling in love with him, until a boy similar to her Creepy Neighborhood Boy, goes out into the sunset.


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  • After class Dexter retrieves his red science book from the locker, yet in another frame before he closed it, the Science book is seen still leaning against his English book.
  • While the locker is open, one of Dexter's conical flasks from his lab is seen at the top. 
  • An unused "History of the World" book is seen in the locker while it's open, but disappears when the locker is viewed from the inside..


  • This episode is a rare case of Dexter using a locker to store his supplies and books.
  • This episode, Mom, Dad, and Phillips Luzinsky doesn't appear
  • When Dexter freaked out in his lab and the little girl said she loves him, his science book disappears.
  • At the start, Dexter drops his book when he goes to return the creepy girl's bunny, but the next day, after the test, he has it back in his locker.
  • The cute eyed girl and boy are references to chibi (miniature-cute eyed) style anime/manga that was popular among teens. 

Cultural References

  • The song "Aye Aye Eyes" is a parody of pop songs found in 1960s-1970s cartoons, namely Cattanooga Cats.
  • The title card for the episode which shows the Creepy Eyed Girl's eyes reflected on Dexter is probably a reference of the 1993 psychological thriller, The Crush, where the film's poster has a girl wearing her sunglasses that is reflected on the main character, whom she too has a crush on, and won't leave alone.

Production Notes

  • This episode along with "Dee Dee and the Man" was aired on February 18, 1998, it was actually made in 1997 according to the credits.
  • This episode marks the halfway point between the 1995 What a Cartoon Shorts, and the end of the series