Dexter's Laboratory Wiki
Aliases Mr. Arnie
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Electrician
First Appearance Repairanoid

Arnie is a minor character in Dexter's Laboratory. He only appeared in the episode "Repairanoid".


Arnie is an electrician that works for an unknown electric company. In his only appearance, Mom called Arnie to come and fix the electricity at her house. While in the fuse box in the garage, Arnie sees a strange wire labeled "Exhaust" and follows it to Dexter's laboratory, where he sees it running in a poor state.

Arnie gets to work on improving the efficiency in Dexter's laboratory and Computer reports that the machines are running at maximum power. However, because Dexter's laboratory uses the most amount of electricity, Arnie showed Mom the bill totaling up to $40,000, to which she pays in pennies.


Arnie is an obese male who works for an unnamed electric company. He wears an orange button shirt with a collar, jeans, and brown shoes. He has black hair, a black mustache, and black sideburns.


  • When viewed from the front, Arnie's mustache resembles the mustache seen on the video game character Super Mario.