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Ant Pants (episode)
Season 2, Episode 1c
Episode name reference to/pun on: The idiom "Ants in your pants".
Ant Pants
Air date July 16, 1997
Production number 202c
Storyboard by Butch Hartman
Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky

Ant Pants is the third segment of the first episode in season two of Dexter's Laboratory. It first aired on July 16, 1997.

In this episode, Dexter catches Dee Dee preparing to kill ants using Dad's golf shoes. He takes her into an ant farm to show Dee Dee the ants' hard-working and civilized nature, only for him to learn how truly nasty they are.


Dee Dee is in the kitchen eating cookies and leaving crumbs that attract ants on the floor. As she prepares to eat another cookie, she sees an ant on top of the cookie and drops it. The cookie forms more crumbs and attracts more ants. To exterminate the ants, Dee Dee goes to get Dad's golf shoes and readies herself to stomp them. Dexter, watching the action from the laboratory, teleports to the kitchen and halts Dee Dee's plan to stomp the ants.

Back at Dexter's lab, he shows Dee Dee his ant farm where the ants are at work. While Dee Dee ignores most of Dexter's explanations, he decides to take both Dee Dee and himself into the ant form to further explain the ants' lives.

Inside the ant farm, a security ant catches Dexter and Dee Dee goofing off and orders them to get back to work. The siblings then line up to get their rocks, then Dee Dee abandons Dexter. One of the security ants gives Dexter a "special assignment" as he picks the crushed boy genius off the ground. Much later, Dexter walks through a fiery path carrying a rock on his back. Exhausted, he stops to catch his breath, but is interrupted as one of the ant guards whips him then takes Dexter to see their queen. Meanwhile, Dee Dee is socializing with the ants by singing songs and having them dance.

At the colosseum, Dexter comes face-to-face with the Queen Ant at her throne. She sentences him to a battle to the death as a result of his laziness. Big Red, a giant, muscular ant, is unleashed. In fear, Dexter runs away and pulls out the remote. As he runs, Dexter trips and drops the remote, leaving Big Red to tower over him in fear. Suddenly, Dee Dee comes to Dexter's rescue and sings her song, to which Big Red dances to. Dexter then uses the opportunity to pick the remote up and teleport himself and Dee Dee out of the ant farm.

Back inside the lab, Dee Dee agrees that ants are fascinating creatures. As she turns her head, she watches in dismay as Dexter angrily stomps some ants.


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  • The Ant Song


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Production Notes[]

  • This is the first of only four segments to feature Allison Moore as the voice of Dee Dee in season two instead of Kat Cressida.